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Creativision repair (Dick Smith Wizzard und Hanimex Rameses)

Creativision Reparatur (repair) I got two CreatiVision consoles for repair...
Creativision Reparatur (repair) The first one is a Dick Smith Wizzard from Australia.

Dick Smith simply relabeld the CreatiVision with their own stickers.

Creativision Reparatur (repair) Here with the face of Dick Smith...
Creativision Reparatur (repair) and the Wizzard label.
Creativision Reparatur (repair) The second CreatiVision Console is a Hanimex Rameses. The same hardware put in an other case.

Both Creativisions bring no picture on the monitor/tv!

Creativision Reparatur (repair) First i replaced the Australien plug on one of the PSU´s with an Austrian plug (The voltage in Australia and in Austria are the same!).

Still i got no good output on the PSU...

Creativision Reparatur (repair) I opend the plug on the console-side and found one broken solderjoint and a great possibility for shortcirquits. So i mounted a new plug.

And i got a working PSU!

This PSU has the following specs:

  • 9V AC (red und white)
  • 16V AC (yellow und black)
  • blue is unused...
Creativision Reparatur (repair) Next i opend the Wizzard (In spite of all warnings ;-))
Creativision Reparatur (repair) Dick Smith Wizzard motherboard.
Creativision Reparatur (repair) After a brief optical inspection. I removed, cleaned and reinserted the CPU and the GPU in their sockets.

After cleaning the 9929 Chip i got a picture on the screen!

But very unrelieable and erratic, when i touched the Chip colours an the screen changed...

The CreatiVision has really lousy sockets, so i replaced both sockets with new precission sockets and ...

Creativision Reparatur (repair) The Dick Smith Wizzard is working perfect!
Creativision Reparatur (repair) The Hanimex Rameses brings no picture or only stripes on the screen, but the music of an inserted game was playing!

So i thought the processor and a few other things have to work... the main suspect is the 9929 GPU.

Creativision Reparatur (repair) The Hanimex Rameses has no sockets, well better then bad sockets ... :-)
Creativision Reparatur (repair) I desolderd the 9929 and inserted a socket and a new 9929 (from a TI-99/4A).
Creativision Reparatur (repair) Now i got a picture, but with stripes and many other defects. This looked very much like one of the ramchips ...
Creativision Reparatur (repair) I quickly found the one dataline, that waas stuck at zero on the second ramchip from the left!

ramchip removed, socket added and new Ram inserted and: Still the same!

Then i found out, that a screw, that holds the motherboard in place shorted the dataline to ground!!!!! In this picture the "bad" screw is removed, but if you look you can still see a small area, where the screw touched the groundplane and the dataline above.


Creativision Reparatur (repair) Now the Hanimex Rameses is working!

On all 4 controllers a lot of keys where not working.

Creativision Reparatur (repair) I disassembled the controllers, cleaned the contacts on the foils and the small PCB.
Creativision Reparatur (repair) And i repainted missing traces...
Creativision Reparatur (repair) with silver conductive paint.
Creativision Reparatur (repair) Now all the keys are working again.
Creativision Reparatur (repair) That only leaves one defect PSU.

...with no output at all.

So i had to rewind the transformer.

The first metal parts where very hard to remove.

Creativision Reparatur (repair) then it got easier, using a cutter-knife to loosen one sheet of metal after the other.
Creativision Reparatur (repair) Until i finally had access to the primary and the secondary windings.
Creativision Reparatur (repair) On the primaryside there is a "heatfuse" and it is burned. As the fuse is under the windings, i had to unwind the primary winding.
Creativision Reparatur (repair) 1500 winsings of 0,2mm copperwire unwound by hand (nearly 150m).
Creativision Reparatur (repair) i replaced the fuse...
Creativision Reparatur (repair) And then i built a small winding-station out of a metal coat hanger...

After that i also rewound the two secondary windings, as they had a short somewhere (138 windings 0,4mm und 83 windings 0,8mm).

I reinserted the small transformator sheets again and fixed them with superglue.

Now the PSU is working again!

Autor: Thomas Gutmeier